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Constable's Education Committee

The Constable's Education Committee sponsors and directs the Civil Process education for Constables and their deputies along with the Texas Justice Court Training Center. Committee members are appointed by the Justices of the Peace and Constables Association.

Constable's Education Committee
Const. Tonya Nixon, Travis County (Chair)
Const. Scott Jones, Parker County (Vice-Chair)
Const. Adam Crawford, Johnson County (Secretary)
Sgt. Lee Dunn, Hidalgo County (Member)
Capt. Eric McHugh, Montgomery County (Member)
Deputy Carl Ellers, Travis County (Member)
Const. Norman Esquivel Jr., Cameron County (Member)
Const. JJ Johnson, Kaufman County (Member)
Const. Jevonne Pollard, Jefferson County (Member)
Sandy Hoy (Advisory Board)
Heather Stebbins (Advisory Board)
Heather Marks (Advisory Board)
Tammy McRae (Advisory Board)
Stacey Lewis, Jr. (Advisory Board)