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Unidentified Bodies Inquest Program

Join us in Corpus Christi on March 27th and 28th for an in-depth workshop on how to handle unidentified bodies during inquests. 

Program Overview

Deaths in Texas jurisdictions may overwhelm local resources, including the ability to manage the dead and perform transnational identifications. Nonetheless, there is a standard duty of care that must be provided to all deceased persons.

This training for Justices of the Peace (JPs) is intended to assist authorities in adequately responding to deaths, particularly for migrants, and providing them with the necessary tools during surges in deaths.

Program Details 

March 27th and 28th in Corpus Christi at the Omni Corpus Christi

Registration is FREE. One night at the hotel is provided FREE. 

Who can register? 

All justices of the peace who conduct inquests. A certain number of seats have been reserved for justices of the peace in South and West Texas who according to state records have the highest number of unidentified bodies. 

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