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2019 Legislative Update Material

2019 Legislative update materials now available!

Click the links below to access TJCTC's Legislative Update material, updated statutes book, and presentation PowerPoint!

2019 Legislative Statutes Book
This is a large file and may take a while to download.

Legislative Update Handout

Form - ODL Order Granting

Form - Order of Emergency Protection and Return

2019 Fees and Costs Cheat Sheet and FAQ

TJCTC has released its cheat sheet for the significant changes in Fees and Costs implemented by the Texas Legislature. Note that following discussions with OCA and others, we have clarified our position that the State Traffic Fine is treated as a fine and not a court cost. Also, there was a typo in some versions of the PowerPoint regarding the amount of costs on Rules of the Road parking/pedestrian offense, it is $67, not $57.

Please review this information carefully, and discuss it with your court software provider, and other officials such as auditors and treasurers, as needed.

Click here to download the Fees and Costs Cheat Sheet and FAQ