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This page is a hub for all of TJCTC's printed resources. Click each link below for more information on an individual resource.

Electronic Publications

To open a pdf of the publication, click the name below. All materials below are copyright. For questions about reproducing the work below, please contact our General Counsel, Randy Sarosdy, at

Texas Truancy Court Resource Manual

2019 DWI & Magistration Inquest Field Guide

2019 Reporting Requirements Guide for Justice Courts

Mass Fatality Resources

Quick Reference Trial Handbook 2013 (Please note that this handbook was published prior to the 83rd Legislative Session and may contain information that has since changed.)

Beginning in Winter 2016/2017, TJCTC will have updated deskbooks available. Check back here for more information then.

Flowcharts & Checklists

We have prepared several flowcharts and checklists below that correspond to newsletter articles or are on special topics. To open the documents, click the links below.

Also, please keep in mind that all materials below are copyright. For questions about reproducing the work below, please contact our General Counsel, Randy Sarosdy, at


Several times a year, TJCTC's Staff Attorneys produce a newsletter containing articles on special and important topics. Click each link below to download a pdf version of the newsletter. Are you not receiving our newsletters by email? Contact Jeff Grajek at for more information.

2018 Texas DWI Bond Condition Program Newsletter
Featured Articles:

  • DWI Bond Condition Program Spotlight Video
  • Pot and Driving
  • Roadside Survey Finds Changes in Pot Use
  • Drunk Driving Prevention Tools
  • Eligibility for an ODL

2018 Summer Newsletter
Featured Articles:

  • Recent Attorney General Opinions: Mental Health Transport Issues and Designating a Bailiff
  • The Protecting Tenants at Foreclosure Act is Back....For Good
  • Interlock Data Utilization 
  • National Center for State Courts 2018 Publication
  • TJCTC's Spotlight Video on the Bond Schematic Program


2018 Spring Traffic Safety Newsletter
Featured Articles:

  • Utah Enacts Toughest DWI Law
  • Impaired Interlock Laws Summit
  • Drugged Driving is a Problem in our Country
  • New Research from NHTSA
  • Traffic Safety Websites


2018 Winter Newsletter
Featured Articles:

  • Court Challenges after Hurricane Harvey
  • Inquest Bench Exchange Agreements in Practice
  • Courtroom Security Training: New Bailiff Requirements
  • Transportation Issues Related to Emergency Detention Orders
  • TJCTC's spotlight video on the Bond Schematic Program
  • Drug Facts: Drugged Driving


2017 Fall Newsletter
Featured Articles:

  • Constable Offices and Justice Courts Take the Lead During Harvey Aftermath
  • Emergency Management Resources
  • Indigency Resources
  • What is the process when a defendant in custody is believed to have a mental illness or intellectual disability?
  • TMPA's Distracted Driving Course
  • Among High School Seniors, Driving After Marijuana Use Surpasses Drunk Driving
  • Controlling the Message in Times of Court Challenges


2017 Texas DWI Bond Schematic Newsletter
Featured Articles:

  • Message from the General Counsel
  • Legislative Highlights
  • Traffic Safety Resources
  • Texas Drunk Driving Statistics
  • Important New Studies Conclude that Mandatory Ignition Interlock Saves Lives
  • Drunk Driving Prevention Tools


2017 Summer Newsletter
Featured Articles:

  • 85th Legislative Session
  • Improving Bond Conditions in DWI Cases Through The Texas DWI Bond Schematic Program
  • New Expunction Laws
  • Inquest Bench Exchanges and Mass Fatality
  • Denial of Bail Under The Interstate Compact for Adult Offender Supervision


2017 May Traffic Safety Newsletter
Featured Articles:

  • Greetings from the Training Center
  • Rehabilitation for Minors Who Have Committed Alcohol Offenses
  • Improving Bond Conditions in DWI Cases Through The Texas DWI Bond Schematic Program
  • Improving Bond Conditions
  • Legislative Bills
  • Traffic Safety Websites


2017 Spring Newsletter
Featured Articles:

  • The 85th Legislative Session
  • Improving DWI Bond Conditions Through the DWI Bond Schematic Program
  • Legal Board Roundup
  • When to Include Ignition Interlock in an Order Granting an ODL?
  • Indigent Criminal Defendants and Pretrial Release: Lessons from Harris County
  • Citations vs. Complaints
  • When is a Squatter Not a Squatter?


2017 Winter Newsletter
Featured Articles:

  • Director’s Message
  • Waiver of Fines and Fees for Indigent Defendants
  • Creating, Appealing and Enforcing Eviction Judgments
  • Improving Bond Conditions
  • Setting Bail Amounts
  • Waiver of the Five Day Waiting Period in Truancy Cases


2016 Fall Newsletter
Featured Articles:

  • Service of the Summons and Pretrial Hearings in Truancy Cases
  • Driving Test and Occupational Driver Licenses
  • Improving Bond Conditions in DWI Cases
  • Supreme Court on DWI Warrants
  • What is Masking and Why Can't You Allow It?


2016 Summer Newsletter
Featured Articles:

  • New Techniques Considered to Fight Distracted Driving
  • Mental Illness and the Jail
  • Turnover Orders and the Request to Appoint a Receiver
  • Improving Bond Conditions
  • Court Costs in Minor in Possession of Tobacco Cases


2016 April Traffic Safety Newsletter
Featured Articles:

  • Courts to Law Enforcement: Get a Blood Search Warrant Before Drawing Blood
  • Occupational Licenses and Ignition Interlock Devices
  • Uber Claims Credit for Drop in Drunk Driving Accidents. But Where's the Evidence?


2016 Winter Newsletter
Featured Articles:

  • Ignition Interlock Device Orders on the Increase
  • Carrying Firearms in Court Buildings
  • Orders of Retrieval in the Field
  • Public Perception of the Courts


2015 September Newsletter
Featured Articles:

  • Brave New World of Truancy Court
  • Capias Pro Fine Changes
  • Evicted Tenants on Appeal
  • Cell Phone Warrants


2015 September Traffic Safety Newsletter
Featured Articles:

  • "Internet Sensation" Raises Curious Questions About DWI Offenses
  • The Movement to Eliminate Traffic Deaths Gains Strength in Texas Cities
  • Uber Actually Reduces Drunk-Driving Deaths


2015 July Newsletter
Featured Articles:

  • Search Warrant Applications
  • Same-sex Marriage Statement
  • Ignition Interlock Devices
  • Bonds in Civil Lawsuits
  • Orders of Retrieval


2015 May Newsletter
Featured Articles:

  • Alcohol Awareness Courses
  • Expiration of Protecting Tenants' at Foreclosure Act
  • Ethics Update
  • FTAs and the Time Payment Fee Revisited
  • Tow Hearings


2014 September Newsletter
Featured Articles:

  • Disposition of Stolen Property Hearings
  • Duties of a Magistrate: Release by Citation
  • Transportation Network Companies: A DWI Solution?
  • Legal Q&A


2014 July Newsletter
Featured Articles:

  • The Ins and Outs of Proper Notices in Eviction Cases
  • New RV Park Laws
  • Code Sections Explained
  • Proper ODL Effective Dates


2014 July Traffic Safety Newsletter
Featured Articles:

  • DWI Fatalities Involving Vulnerable Road Users
  • Per Se Drug Intoxication Laws
  • New Ignition Interlock Legislation

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