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DWI Bond Condition Program

TJCTC's DWI Bond Condition Program.

Check out our spotlight video on the DWI Bond Condition Program.

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DWI Bond Condition Program

The DWI Bond Condition Program is a part of a statewide effort to reduce the incidence of DWI offenses in Texas counties in adopting a comprehensive plan for setting, monitoring, and enforcing bond conditions in DWI cases. The program promotes the use of bond conditions (such as ignition interlock devices) that reduce the incidence of DWI recidivism, increase consistency in setting bond conditions by a magistrate and a trial court, and ensures that bond conditions required by law are properly set, monitored, and enforced.  

DWI Bond Condition Program Map

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  • We will work with all criminal magistrates,  local prosecutors, and monitoring agencies in each county that elects to participate.

    We will offer assistance in creating forms specific to your county.

    Forms can be either based on TJCTC's Universal DWI Bond Schematic or based on updated forms that you currently use as a part of the magistration process.

    Each county will submit a brief update once a year to let us know about the success of your program.

  • We feel this program is important because bond conditions are the only restrictions—other than potential administrative driver’s license suspension—imposed on the defendant prior to trial. The pre-trial time period can be lengthy. Scientific studies have shown that restrictions imposed on DWI defendants, particularly ignition interlock requirements, have a substantial positive effect on reducing DWI recidivism and promoting community safety.

  • If your county is interested in participating in the DWI Bond Condition Program, please contact Randall Sarosdy at 512.347.9927, ext. 201 or

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  • TJCTC administers the program through its Traffic Safety Initiative, which is funded by a grant from the Texas Department of Transportation.