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Welcome to the Civil Process Page!

The Texas Justice Court Training Center is proud to work with Constables, Deputy Constables, and Constable clerks from across the state of Texas. This page will provide information for upcoming training events and other helpful resources.

Meet the Civil Process Program Administrator

Hello! My name is Heather Hidalgo and my job is to plan and organize Civil Process training. If you have a question, please don't hesitate to contact me at

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How to Register a New Employee

New Constables, Deputy Constables & Constable Clerks

We are excited to begin working with you, but first we need to know who you are!

Create a TJCTC Login

New employees will need to create a TJCTC login in order to register for any Training Center event and view many of our resources. With the login, users will also be able to download forms, view publications, and post questions to the legal board. For security purposes, a login can only be issued to current part-time or full-time employees in the justice court. If you are a Constable, call the Registrar at 512-347-9927 to be registered.

If you are a deputy constable or constable clerk, a New Employee Form must be filled out and submitted by your Constable prior to creating a login. Please have your Constable follow Steps 1 - 3 in order to begin the process.

Steps 1 - 3: New Employee Form (CONSTABLES ONLY)

Step 1.

Visit or click here for the New Employee Form.

Step 2.

Enter your username and password into the fields provided.

Click "Login".

Step 3.

The New Employee Request Form screen will appear.

Complete the required fields (*) for your new employee.

Click "Send Form".

Note: All accounts go through a manual approval process. Please allow 24-48 business hours for TJCTC to process the information. An email confirming that the new employee has been added will be sent to the address provided at the time of submission

Steps 4 - 6: Creating a Username and Password (DEPUTY CONSTABLES & CLERKS ONLY)

Step 4.

Visit or click here to login.

Step 5.

Click "Create Username & Password".

Type in your first and last name and select your county.

Click "Login".

Step 6.

Select a security question. This will help in case you need to reset your username or password.

Step 7.

Once the "Submit button" is selected, your TJCTC Profile page will display.

TJCTC Policies

Who is eligible to attend our training?

You must be an elected or appointed Texas Constable, an employed or officially appointed deputy constable, or an employed clerk working for a constable's office.

Also, Sheriff's and their deputies can attend our events if there is space available after our grant-funded attendees have registered two weeks prior to an event. In this case, sheriff's are responsible for the registration fee, sleeping rooms, and meals. Email Laura at or call (512) 347-9927, ext. 200 to be entered into our database.

If you have questions about whether or not you may be eligible to attend a training, please contact Heather at

Do you provide handouts?

At events- The Training Center does not provide handouts. Handouts for each event will be uploaded at least two weeks prior to the event and can be downloaded from your TJCTC profile. After logging in, click "View My Class Selections" and you will see the handout button to the right. Please keep in mind that internet is often not available at meeting sites so we recommend you print the handouts ahead of time.


Do you have a question about registering for an event? Contact our Registrar Laura at 512-347-9927 or

Do you have a question about Civil Process hours or events? Contact Heather at 512-347-9927 (ext. 207) or

Are you looking for a legal resource? You can find our legal question board, forms, and publications on our Legal Resources page.

Are you interested in becoming a TJCTC faculty member? Click here for more information.