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Faculty Member Process

We are always looking for experienced faculty to join our programs and help educate JPs, Constables, and clerks. Instructors are chosen based on availability, curriculum needs, and prior teaching experience. Becoming a TJCTC instructor is a 3-Step-Process.

1. Fill out an instructor application.

2. Audition for the Education Committee.

3. Commit to a travel schedule and attend Faculty Development.

Instructor Applications

Justice of the Peace Faculty

Instructor Application

Civil Process Faculty

For Constable faculty, it is preferred that faculty be TCOLE certified, hold the CPPC certification, and be a deputy or constable. Individual considerations may be made.

Instructor Application

Court Personnel Faculty

In order to audition, Court Personnel faculty must be JP's or clerks.

Instructor Application

Email any of the completed applications to

  • Faculty Audition Policies and Procedures

    • In general, faculty auditions will be scheduled for the first afternoon of each education committee’s curriculum development meeting.

      These meetings are scheduled in the spring and are run independently (judges, constables, and court personnel).

      There may be occasions where the potential faculty member offices near an education seminar. If the full education committee will be present at the seminar, an invitation may be extended to participate at that time.

    • First Consideration- Topic

      The criteria to be invited to audition is based first on curriculum needs by topic. For example, if there is a need for civil procedure faculty for the court personnel seminars, potential faculty who have selected civil procedure as a topic in which they feel confident teaching will be more likely to be selected than an individual who is only comfortable teaching criminal procedure.

      Second Consideration- Experience

      If the response to a particular topic exceeds available teaching opportunities, the Education Committee will take into account previous teaching experience or other qualifying credentials when asking individuals to audition. Note: Constable Faculty must be TCOLE certified instructors and Civil Process Proficiency Certified. (Contact for additional information.)

      *Current faculty members and candidates for new judge or workshop teaching positions are exempted from the audition process.

    • A 5-10 minute presentation must be made to the Education Committee. Based on the audition, the Education Committee will make the faculty selections.

    • Cost for one night's hotel will be provided by TJCTC. Any other travel expenses will be the responsibility of the potential faculty member.

      Potential faculty members will be invited to stay the night to join the committee for any evening plans. These are not formal or organized, but would give you an opportunity to see the fellowship that often comes as a benefit of being a faculty member.                         

    • Judge and Court Personnel Programs: Each potential faculty member will be contacted by the Education Committee Chair to either extend or decline a faculty position.

      Those candidates not immediately selected will be on a list to be considered if there is a vacancy, a need for assistance with the Education Committee, workshop teaching, or webinar presentations.

      Constables program: After the presentation to the committee, the candidate will wait in the hall while the committee confers. The candidate is brought in, given feedback, and notified of selection.

      *Current faculty members and candidates for new judge or workshop teaching positions are exempted from the audition process.


    • Faculty commit to a significant travel schedule including 4-6 programs a year held around the state as well as Faculty Development in September where TJCTC works with faculty members to develop their presentations and teaching practices.