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Traffic Safety Initiative

Working to Reduce Traffic Fatalties & Accidents

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TJCTC is proud to provide education to justice courts concerning traffic safety through a grant from the Texas Department of Transportation. Our goal is to encourage justice courts to implement policies that will reduce transportation fatalities and accidents throughout Texas. We offer training related to DWI offenses via webinars and also specific traffic related courses at both our JP 20-Hour Seminars & Court Personnel 16-Hour seminars. Read below for more details.

For in-depth information on traffic safety, click the corresponding link below.

Impaired Driver Symposium

The Impaired Driver Symposium is an event for Judges that focuses on an Impaired Driving case from arrest to disposition. The symposium is a joint program bringing in judges from all levels to discuss driving issues.

The dates and location for next year's symposium will be announced in Winter 2019.

The program counts for your required judicial education hours. The symposium is sponsored by the Court of Criminal Appeals and TxDOT through a partnership with TJCTC, Texas Association of Counties, Texas Municipal Courts Education Center,  and Texas Center for the Judiciary.

Topics Include:

  • Blood Search Warrants
  • Electronic Search Warrants
  • Probable Cause
  • Bond Conditions
  • Drugged Driving
  • Compliance Issues
  • Case Studies
  • Driving Under the Influence

Traffic Safety Resources

Further Reading

Blood Alcohol Concentration in Texas: Improving Medical Examiner and County Performance- A detailed study from the Center for Alcohol and Drug Education Studies with the Texas A&M Transportation Institute released in September 2016.

Click here for the complete list of DPS Certified Texas Ignition Interlock Device (IID) Service Centers. 

Solutions for Saving Lives on Texas Roads- The Texas Traffic Safety Task Force Report.

DWI Magistration & Inquest Field Guide 2018

Reporting Requirements Guide for Justice Courts 2018


Training Videos

From One Second To The Next- A film about texting and driving from Werner Herzog. This video is used in Teenage Driving Issues course for Court Personnel and the Traffic, Trucks, and Texting course for Justices of the Peace.

Roadside Drug Testing Kit Demonstration- A video about police roadside drug test.

Road to Zero Symposium- The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration announced a new initiative called Road to Zero. At the link, you will find videos from the symposium.


Useful Websites A website that offers resources and countermeasures against impaired driving.

Alcohol Interlock Curriculum for Practitioners - A website that contains a variety of instructional materials that can assist agencies and organizations in educating their staff and members about alcohol ignition interlocks.


Flow Charts & Forms

ODL Eligibility

ODL Flowchart

Blood Search Flowchart

Toxicology Reporting Form



2018 Texas DWI Bond Condition Program Newsletter
Featured Articles:

  • DWI Bond Condition Program Spotlight Video
  • Pot and Driving
  • Roadside Survey Finds Changes in Pot Use
  • Drunk Driving Prevention Tools
  • Eligibility for an ODL

2018 Spring Traffic Safety Newsletter
Featured Articles:

  • Utah Enacts Toughest DWI Law
  • Impaired Interlock Laws Summit
  • Drugged Driving is a Problem in our Country
  • New Research from NHTSA
  • Traffic Safety Websites

2017 DWI Bond Schematic Annual Newsletter
Featured Articles:

  • Message From the General Counsel
  • Legislative Highlights
  • Traffic Safety Resources
  • Texas Drunk Driving Statistics
  • Important New Studies Conclude that Mandatory Ignition Interlock Saves Lives
  • TJCTC 2017-2018 Educational Schedule
  • Drunk Driving Prevention Tools

2017 Traffic Safety Newsletter
Featured Articles:

  • Rehabilitation for Minors who Have Committed Alcohol Offenses
  • Improving Bond Conditions in DWI Cases Through the Texas DWI Bond Condition Program
  • Latest Report on Drugged Driving
  • News on Legislative Session
  • The Basics on Ignition Interlock

2016 Traffic Safety Newsletter
Featured Articles:

  • Courts to Law Enforcement: Get a Blood Search Warrant Before Drawing Blood
  • Occupational Licenses and Ignition Interlock Devices
  • Uber Claims Credit for Drop in Drunk Driving Accidents. But Where's the Evidence?

2015 Traffic Safety Newsletter
Featured Articles:

  • "Internet Sensation" Raises Curious Questions About DWI Offenses
  • The Movement to Eliminate Traffic Deaths Gains Strength in Texas Cities
  • Uber Actually Reduces Drunk-Driving Deaths

2014 Traffic Safety Newsletter
Featured Articles:

  • DWI Fatalities Involving Vulnerable Road Users
  • Per Se Drug Intoxication Laws
  • New Ignition Interlock Legislation

2013 Traffic Safety Newsletter
Featured Articles:

  • 2013 Legislative Recap: Significant Changes to the Texas Transportation Code
  • Traffic Safety Websites
  • Views on "Hard License Revocation" for DWI  Defendants are Changing
  • Alcohol Detecting Technology

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Do you have a question about the Bond Condition program? Contact Randy at or call 512.347.9927.

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