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Committees & Faculty

This page is for current JPCA Education Committee members and TJCTC faculty. Click each FAQ below for travel information and more. 

Thank you for your commitment and service to judicial education!

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  • Committee and Faculty FAQs

    • To get reimbursed for travel you will need to fill out a travel reimbursement form and send it to Sonya Rahrovi. We have the form available as a fillable PDF.

      If you have never received a reimbursement from TJCTC or have not received one in the last year, you will need to fill out a vendor request form. Please contact our accountant, Sonya Rahrovi, at for the form and instructions.

    • Reference the Travel Policies and Procedures for grant restrictions and reimbursement requirements. 

      Mail, email, or fax a signed Travel reimbursement form within 30 days of the date of travel to the Training Center. The Training Center will be unable to reimburse you after this timeframe. 

    • In October, a full travel schedule will be sent to each faculty and committee member. 

      Additionally, before each program, a site notice will be sent out to all faculty & committee around a month prior to each event. Check the rooming list and schedule to make sure everything is correct.