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Committees & Faculty

This page is for current JPCA Education Committee members and TJCTC faculty. Click each FAQ below for travel information and more. 

Thank you for your commitment and service to judicial education!

  • Committee and Faculty FAQs

    • To get reimbursed for travel you will need to fill out a travel reimbursement form and send it to the TJCTC accountant, Sonya Rahrovi. Travel policies and procedures, including grant reimbursement restrictions, are detailed at the end of the form. 

      Mail, email, or fax a signed travel reimbursement form within 30 days of the date of travel to the TJCTC event. The Training Center is unable to process reimbursements after that point. 

      If you have never received a reimbursement from TJCTC or have not received one in the last year, you may need to fill out a vendor form. Please contact Sonya Rahrovi at for instructions.

    • In September, a full travel schedule will be sent to each faculty and committee member. 

      Additionally, before each program, a site notice will be sent out to all faculty & committee around a month prior to each event. Check the rooming list and schedule to make sure everything is correct.

  • Travel Policies

    • Taxi Fares: 

      • Actual Paid Receipt Required.
      • Taxi Fares include taxis, buses, and ride shares like Lyft and Uber.
      • TJCTC will reimburse tips up to 20% of the ride fare.


      • Original Paid Receipt or Receipt with Payment Validation Required.
      • TJCTC is unable to reimburse flight insurance, early bird check-in, preferred seating, and more than one checked bag each way. 
      • If the flight is paid by a credit, additional documentation is required. The university requires proof of the original ticket’s purchase. 

      Personal Car Mileage:

      • Map with Point-to-Point Documentation Required.
      • Mileage between destinations must be calculated using a mapping website, such as Google Maps, MapQuest, etc.
      • Map must show, at a minimum, the city and state of the destination points and the number of miles.
      • Mileage may not be calculated using a vehicle odometer.
      • The rate of reimbursement is $0.655/mile.
      • The number of reimbursable miles may not exceed the number of the most cost-effective, reasonably safe route. In determining the most cost-effective, reasonably safe route, TJCTC may consider the route that provides the shortest distance, the quickest drive time, or the safest road conditions.
      • The maximum amount of mileage allowable when traveling between residence and duty point is the lesser of the distance between duty point and the claimant’s residence or headquarters.
      • Mileage to and from a claimant’s residence or designated headquarters and an airport are reimbursable. The maximum amount of mileage allowable is the lesser of the distance between an airport and the claimant’s residence or designated headquarters. 


      • Original Receipt Required.
      • Actual cost is reimbursed.
      • Self- Park is reimbursable.
      • Valet parking is not reimbursable unless it is the only option at the location. 

      Car Rental:

      • Original receipt required.
      • The car rental cost must have been paid to a car rental company.
      • Fuel and taxes for which the traveler is not legally exempt are reimbursable.
      • The following costs are non-reimbursable:
        • Liability Insurance
        • Supplements
        • Personal Accident Insurance (PAI)
        • Safe Trip Insurance
        • Personal Effect Protection
        • Frequent Flyer (FFN)
        • Roadside Assistance (RSD, TST)
        • Toll Pass Optional Fee (TLSVC)
        • Pre-paid Fuel Option 


      • Original receipt required.
      • If receipt is not available, claimant can provide proof from credit card statement.


      • Original paid receipt is required.
      • Paid Receipt Required.
      • Lodging will be direct billed at TJCTC seminars.
      • Reimbursement is not available at non-training center seminars.
      • Incidental expenses (phone calls, movies, etc.) are non-reimbursable.
      • Receipts are not required.
      • Reimbursement is for ACTUAL expenses, not to exceed $41.00/day, excluding tips, alcohol, and delivery fees.
      • You must stay overnight in the hotel while you are volunteering at training events to be reimbursed for meals. The IRS defines meals as a non-essential cost if you are staying at your home.