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Education Events

Upcoming Education Events

Registration for Court Personnel opens October 17th! 

Be sure to read up and learn about TJCTC's new database before registering. Read below for dates and locations of upcoming events. 

To learn more about individual courses, please read our course descriptions.


Please Make Checks Payable to:  Texas State University  

Please Mail Checks to:      Texas Justice Court Training Center
                                           1701 Directors Blvd, Ste 530
                                           Austin, Texas 78744

Information about TJCTC policies

  • Education Event Policies

    • Enrollment is subject to receipt of registration from each participant. The registration fee provides for program costs and meals. Pursuant to grant conditions, the registration fee is given to the grant to be spent as restricted funds. If you or your county cannot pay this fee, please contact Thea Whalen at to inquire about a waiver. 

      The Texas State overhead assessment fee is a voluntary fee deposited into TJCTC's private fund account and is used for unrestricted activity expenses that the grant cannot cover, such as salaries, benefits, and excess food and lodging costs. 

      The breakdown between the fees is detailed on your invoice that is emailed to you once registered. 

    • The lodging fee is a fee that covers your portion of the hotel cost if you choose to have a single room. This fee is consistent for every event at $55 based on the lowest rate of any hotel that TJCTC uses. There is no lodging fee if you choose double occupancy or no room. 

    • Once payment is received, a confirmation letter with hotel and event information will be emailed to you.

    • TJCTC will provide a catered breakfast and lunch on the second day of the seminar and a full breakfast buffet on the last day. You will be on your own for dinner each night.

    • Attendees must print their own handouts. All handouts will be available to download through your TJCTC Profile two weeks prior to the event with updates being made throughout the year. If you anticipate changing into another class onsite, please consider printing those handouts as well. Wifi is not provided in the meeting rooms.

    • In fairness to all attendees, confirmed participants who do not attend their scheduled seminar or leave early are not eligible for a refund, unless they no show due to illness. If you no show for a seminar you will be suspended and unable to register for seminars the following year.

court of criminal appeals building

Our programs are funded through generous grants from the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals and the Texas Department of Transportation.