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Justices of the Peace

Welcome Judges!

The Texas Justice Court Training Center is proud to work with justices of the peace from across the state of Texas. This page will provide information for upcoming training events, state mandated training requirements, and other helpful resources. If you have recently been elected or appointed, visit our New Judge page for more information.

Meet the Education Manager

Hello! My name is Jessica Foreman and I manage all of the curriculum for justice of the peace education programs. If you have a question about JP training or your judicial education hours, please contact me at or at (512) 347-9927, ext. 206. Also, TJCTC loves feedback so if you have an idea for a future course or any other comments, I would love to hear them.

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Judicial Education Requirements

Justices of the Peace have yearly judicial education requirements outlined by the Court of Criminal Appeals in the Rules of Judicial Education. All hours must be completed during the current academic year which runs from September 1st to August 31st. Hours do not roll over.

Newly appointed or elected Judges

  • Newly appointed or elected judges must attend 80 hours of New Judges' training from TJCTC within one year of being sworn in. If you have been newly elected or appointed, visit our New Judge page.

2nd Year Judges

  • 2nd year non-attorney judges must attend 20 hours of training from TJCTC.
  • 10 of the required 20 hours must be on a civil topic. 
  • 2nd year attorney judges may follow the attorney guidelines below.

Non-Attorney Judges

  • Judges are required to receive 20 hours of judicial education including 10 hours on civil courses.
  • The 10 hours of civil training must be delivered by TJCTC at an in-person event. Webinars do not count for civil hours.
  • Your remaining hours may be obtained from an approved entity outside the Training Center. See the Rules of Judicial Education for a list of pre-approved training entities.
  • Training not listed in the Rules of Judicial Education must be approved by TJCTC.
  • Please send any alternative certification to be used toward your 20 hour requirement to Jessica at by August 31st.

Attorney Judges

  • Attorney JP's may use bar approved CLE courses towards their 20 hours after their first year.
  • CLE courses have to cover topics relevant to justice courts.
  • Please send any alternative certifications and CLE credits to be used toward your 20 hour requirement to Jessica at by August 31st.

Medical Waiver

If you are unable to attend training due to a personal or family medical issue, please download the JP Medical Waiver Request and send it to the Training Center by:

  • Emailing the request to Jessica at
  • Faxing the request to 512-347-9921
  • Or mailing the request to our office at 1701 Directors Blvd, Suite 530, Austin, TX 78744

The request will be forwarded to the Justice of the Peace Education Committee for approval. .

TJCTC Policies

Who is eligible to attend our training?

You must be an appointed or elected justice of the peace. Visiting judges may attend training if room is available. If you are a visiting judge and would like more information on training, please contact Laura at

I have a clerk. How can I register them on the TJCTC website?

The Judge must initiate the process to sign up a new employee for a TJCTC profile. Click here for step by step instructions.

Do you provide handouts?

At events- The Training Center does not provide handouts (except for New Judge Stages I & II). Handouts for each event will be uploaded at least two weeks prior to the event and can be downloaded from your TJCTC profile. After logging in, click "View My Class Selections" and you will see the handout button to the right. Please keep in mind that internet is often not available at meeting sites so we recommend you print the handouts ahead of time.


Do you have a question about registering for an event? Contact our Registrar Laura at 512-347-9927, ext. 200 or

Do you have a question about JP education requirements? Contact Jessica at 512-347-9927, ext 206 or

Are you looking for a legal resource? To access our legal question board, forms, publications, and additional resources, click here.

Are you interested in becoming a TJCTC faculty member? Click here for more information.