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Legal Question Board

The Legal Question Board has moved to the new Database Portal. If you click any of the normal legal board links, you will be redirected to the new Database Portal. Once logged in you will see your Profile page. The link to the Legal Board will be on the left-hand navigation bar at the very bottom. 

The legal question board is an online database of every legal question asked and answered on our site. You must have a TJCTC log-in to use the legal board.

Have a question? If your question is related to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, including the CDC Eviction Moratorium, please refer to our COVID-19 FAQ first. If your question is not addressed on that page, please feel free to post it on our legal board.

Searching the Legal Board

There are a few tips and tricks to searching our legal board. Click here to download a guide that illustrates best practices for searching the legal board or click the button to watch a video. 

Remember: Court staff is not authorized or permitted to give legal advice to parties or potential parties. Court staff may provide legal information about court processes. For OCA's publication showing the difference between legal advice and legal information, click here.

If you do not see the question you are looking for, then you can post a legal question. We will answer questions within five business days. Here are some tips for posting on the legal question board:

  • If you have multiple questions, enter each one separately.
  • Write out your questions with full words as well as abbreviations (if applicable). That way, future users can easily search for your question and find our answer. (i.e. Write both "Occupational Driver Licenses" and "ODL")