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Additional Resources

For in-depth information on special topics and connections to other resources, click the corresponding link below.


Articles & Training Videos

Training Videos

Submitting Your Monthly Activity Reports - JPs
Provided by the Office of Court Administration

Free Spanish Interpreters for Your Court
Provided by the Office of Court Administration

From One Second To The Next
A film about texting and driving from Werner Herzog

Helpful Articles

In Texas, It's a Crime to be Poor
A Buzzfeed article about defendants' ability to pay

Legal Information vs. Legal Advice
A set of guidelines and instructions for clerks and court personnel who work with self-represented litigants in Texas State Courts provided by the Office of Court Administration.

Judicial Council Monthly Court Activity Reports - Justice Courts
A handout provided by the Office of Court Administration.

Online Course- Extradition Hearings

This course will provide the training required for justices of the peace to hold extradition hearings. HB 1125, which was passed during the 2013 Legislative Session, modified Chapter 53, Section 10 of the Code of Criminal Procedure. Previously, only judges of a court of record could hold waiver of extradition hearings. Now, in counties bordering other states, justices of the peace may hold those hearings if they are attorneys or if they have had training in extradition law through TJCTC. Click here for the Extradition Hearings Course.

FEMA Training Courses

National Incidence Management: An Introduction

National Response Framework: An Introduction

Introduction to Incident Command System

ICS for Single Resources and Initial Action Incidents

Open Government Training

Attorney General Open Government Training

Useful Links

Texas Constitution and Statutes:
This site provides complete access to all Texas Codes.

Rules of Civil Procedure:
This link lists the Rules of Civil Procedure including all updated amendments effective in September 2016 to Rules 500 - 510.

Texas Supreme Court:
This site provides access to the complete Rules of Civil Procedure, Rules of Evidence, Texas Rules of Judicial Administration, including Rule 12, Record Requests, and reporting forms to file a complaint against a private process server.

Texas Attorney General:
This site allows you to search for and pull AG opinions and provides information and access to open records request information.

Texas Code of Judicial Conduct:
This page of the Supreme Court website provides access to the judicial canons that govern ethical behavior and activity for the judiciary.

Texas State Library Archives and Commission:
This site provides extensive information on record retention policies both generally for government offices and specific to Justice Courts.

Texas Secretary of State:
This site provides access to the Administrative Code.

Office of Court Administration:
This site provides access to charts regarding criminal fines and cost and forms for reporting requirements.

Texas Legislature Online:
This site allows the user to track past and pending House and the Senate bills.

Texas Indigent Defense Commission:
This site provides forms for indigency for criminal defendants and contains the fax numbers for Counties when there is a need to appoint an attorney on an out-of-county warrant.

Texas Department of State Health:
This site provides information to forms, such as the submersion report, and also has additional information regarding death reports and inquest.

Texas Department of Transportation:
This site provides information regarding registration and licensing requirements as well as information on traffic safety.

On this page you will find specific instructions on how to report information on Federal Charges and Misdemeanor C offenses.