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Online Learning

Welcome to TJCTC's Online Learning webpage - a simple way to find out all of the online learning options available to you! 

  • Education Hours

  • How to Get Credit for Online Learning

    • In order to get credit for a live webinar that you attend at a particular time, you must register under your own name and email. If you register and attend the entire webinar, you will automatically receive credit. 

      What happens if I watch the webinar in a group or under someone else's name? 
      You may also get credit - but there's one extra step. Please fill out our webinar certification form to receive credit. 

    • If you watch a TJCTC recording, you can receive credit for it. 

      You must fill out the certification form on our webinar certification page

      Please only submit once and allow us 1 week to add the webinar to your transcript. 

    • Once you have completed a module, the last screen will list instructions for you to follow in order to receive credit. 

      Everyone will receive the amount of credit the module says it is worth. If you take longer to finish then the time finished, that is fine, but you will not receive more credit. 

    • The videos on TJCTC's YouTube Channel are not for credit. They are short, helpful videos on specific hot topics. 

    • If you have questions about whether online learning from another entity will count for judicial education credit, please email Jessica at with the agenda and agency that is providing the course.