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Thea Whalen

Executive Director


Angie Varela

Associate Director


Sonya Rahrovi

Accountant  209

Randall Sarosdy

General Counsel


Bronson Tucker

Director of Curriculum and Staff Attorney


Rebecca Glisan

Staff Attorney  211
Amber Myers Staff Attorney

Rachel Zummo Staff Attorney  207

Jessica Foreman

Education Manager


Laura Villarreal

Registrar & Civil Process Program Administrator


Darby Swoboda

Court Personnel Program Administrator 215
Sarah M. McKinney Justice of the Peace Program Administrator 501

Jeff Grajek

Web and IT


April Williams Office Coordinator


1701 Directors Blvd, Suite 530
Austin, Texas 78744

Contact Numbers:
(512) 347-9927
(800) 687-8528

Fax Number:
(512) 347-9921

The Texas Justice Court Training Center is an educational endeavor of the Justices of the Peace & Constables Association.

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Affiliated with Texas State University and funded by a grant from the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals.