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Virtual Programs

TJCTC's virtual programs are online events where participants will watch an instructor online deliver live training at a particular time.

Virtual programs are created due to generous grants from the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals & the Texas Department of Public Transportation.

Upcoming Virtual Programs and Webinars

Date Program Registration Information
February 10th from 10:00 - 11:30 a.m.

Webinar: Introducing the New Texas Apartment Association Lease 

This presentation will be jointly delivered by the Texas Apartment Association and TJCTC.

This webinar is free and open to judges and clerks.

To register, visit the Zoom Webinar log-in page.


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  • Live Program FAQs

    • Webinars are classes held in real-time. Instructors take questions from the audience during the event. Webinars last no more than 2 hours. 

      Virtual programs are longer, live events that may incorporate more interactivity like breakout rooms, poll questions, and multiple speakers. 

      Recordings are posted videos of past webinars which you can watch for credit at your convenience. Visit our recordings for credit page for more information. 

    • Registration for live webinars is emailed out 1 - 2 weeks before each event. You must register to attend and registration fills up fast. 

      Registration for virtual programs generally opens around a month before the program. You can register for these by logging in and registering through the TJCTC system. 

    • Don't worry  - we send out the webinar recordings and handouts the next day after a webinar so you can still watch and gain credit. 

      Some virtual programs do not have recordings because they incorporate interactivity that isn't easily recorded. We will always have handouts available to share though upon request. 


    • Participants can ask questions and interact in real time during the webinar through webinar software. We will explain how to do this at the beginning of each webinar. Also, you can always post a question on our legal board.