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Education for SB6

How can I meet my educational requirements under SB6? There are three ways to receive your hours! 

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  • There are no more in-person programs before the deadline. Please proceed to option 2 or 3. 


  • Option 2: Virtual Magistration Education Package

  • For this option, you select the magistration classes listed on the second page of the certification form linked below that you have completed and add up the hours that each class is worth. Once you have reached at least 8 hours, certify the form, and submit it.

    Classes must have been completed no earlier than December 2, 2021 to count. 

    You are responsible for correctly tabulating your hours, TJCTC is unable to calculate hours for you or verify attendance in specific classes for you.

    If you have concerns about accurately completing Option 3, TJCTC strongly encourages you to instead complete the materials listed under Option 2 above. TJCTC has developed a special certification form that must be used to receive credit for your magistration education if taken virtually. Please do not submit individual cert forms for each component. 


    We have two versions of the form: one in Microsoft Word and one as a clickable pdf. You only need to fill out one form; choose whichever will be easier for you to use. 

    Download the Microsoft Word certification form

    Download the PDF certification form