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Filing a Small Claims Case

Information Packet - Click here for information on filing a small claims case (lawsuit for $20,000 or less of personal property or money).

     Small Claim Forms

  • Petition - Use this form to begin your small claims case.
  • Statement of Inability - Fill out this form if you are unable to afford the filing or service fees, other court fees, or an appeal bond.
  • Subpoena Request - This form is to request the court to order a witness to come to court for your case.
  • Motion to Reinstate Your Case - Use this form if the court dismisses your case without a trial and you wish to have them put it back on the docket.
  • Motion for New Trial - Use this form if you want to request a new trial because justice was not done in your first trial.
  • Appeal Bond - Use this form if you wish to appeal your case to a higher court after your trial.
  • Application for Writ of Execution - If you win a judgment, use this form to ask the court to order the seizure and sale of the defendant’s property to satisfy the judgment.
  • Application for Writ of Garnishment - If you win a judgment, use this form to ask the court to order a third party (such as a bank) to turn over assets that they hold that belong to the defendant to satisfy the judgment.