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TJCTC is getting a new database!

Read below for information on how to set up your new password. 

How can I access the new database? 

Good news! Your accounts have already been created. You just need to set-up your new password. 

What is my username? 

Your username is NOT necessarily the same as in the old database. Everyone's username is their unique email address. 


  • Judge XX's username in the old database: I'mTheCoolJudge
  • Judge XX's username in the new database: (or whatever your email is in our system.) 

How do I set up my password? 

Check out our “How to Set Up My New Password” guide

What happens if…..

I have a shared email account with coworkers and we can't both use it. 

  • Contact Jeff at 

I need a copy of my transcript from the previous database.

I can't figure out how to set up my student profile. 

  • FIRST! Read the helpful guides listed below for step by step instructions. Then, if you are still having issues, contact April at 

I can't see how to register. 

  • Registration is not open yet. September is the time to set up your student account and you will register later. 

Helpful Guides for the New Database

How to Set Up My New Password

How to Update Your Account Information

How to Add a Photo

Let's Explore the New TJCTC Database

The New Database Is Here

Important Dates

  • September 11th and after - Log in to create your new student profile and familiarize yourself with the new system
  • October 2nd - Judge Registration opens
  • October 17th - Clerk Registration opens
  • November 6th - Civil Process opens 
  • New Database Registration Policies

    • Your new username will be your email address. Please make sure each user in our database has a unique email address. The use of shared email addresses is no longer permissible.

    • Every program has a limited amount of attendees that can register. If a program is full, you can register to be put on the waitlist. The waitlist is organized by when you register. If and when spots in a program open up, they will be filled from the waitlist in the order of registration. If a spot opens to a student on the waitlist, an automatically generated email will be sent to let them know. You have 4 days (96 hours) to log into your profile to confirm your registration. After that time, the spot we be automatically offered to the next person on the waitlist. Registering for the waitlist does not guarantee entry into a program.

    • Our new database will not allow substitutions. When a person cancels from a program, the next person on the waitlist will get that slot.

    • All experienced clerk programs will open for everyone at the same time. We are continually adding training slots and hope to be able to accommodate more clerks this next year.

    • Cancellation must be submitted through your TJCTC profile and received two (2) weeks prior to the event start date in order to receive a full refund. If you must cancel your registration within two (2) weeks of the event, email your cancellation to our Office Coordinator, April Williams, at No refunds or credits will be given for no-shows, late arrivals, or early departures.

      • Lodging is available as an add-on to your registration. If you would like a room for yourself or are bringing your spouse/family, you will choose “Single Occupancy” and will be charged a $55 lodging fee for every night of a seminar. For attendees who opt for a double occupancy room with a roommate, TJCTC will pay 100% of the room rate and the attendee will only be responsible for the registration and overhead assessment fees. 
      • If you select single or double occupancy, TJCTC will manage your reservations at the hotel for each night of an event. There is no need to contact the hotel regarding reservations. 
      • If you would like extra nights, please contact your Program Administrator.
    • Attendees will be responsible for entering any class changes. If you decide to switch classes at a program, you will need to log-in to your profile and select the new class. We strongly encourage you to make class changes before the program.

    • You will now be able to alert TJCTC if you have an allergy or dietary restriction. For programs that provide meals, you will be able to select allergy (and list the allergen), gluten-free, vegan, or vegetarian.

  • Important Information about Fees

    • All room nights are a $55 charge regardless of location. This is a voluntary fee to cover the difference between the grant-allowed GSA rate and the cost charged by the property. This cost allows education seminars to continue to be held in preferred locations throughout the state.

    • Enrollment is subject to receipt of registration from each participant. The registration fee provides for program costs and meals. Pursuant to grant conditions, the registration fee is mandatory and given to the grant to be spent as restricted funds. If you or your county cannot pay this fee, please contact Thea Whalen at to inquire about a waiver. 

      The Texas State overhead assessment fee is a voluntary fee deposited into TJCTC's private fund account and is used for unrestricted activity expenses that the grant cannot cover, such as salaries, benefits, and excess food and lodging costs. 

      The fees are currently split at 40% registration fee and 60% overhead assessment fee. The registration fee should be paid in full prior to the start of the event. TJCTC accepts credit cards, ACH payments, personal checks, county checks, money orders, or purchase orders.